Milford Elementary Schools Challenge*

Each Milford elementary school can have "Promoters" compete to promote the most duck adoptions (minimum 30 duck adoptions per promoter to be eligible). The top three Adoption Promoters across all schools (not per school) will win:

1st Prize: $100 cash prize

2nd Prize: $75 cash prize

3rd Prize: $50 cash prize

EACH SCHOOL can also win if they promote an average of 2 ducks for the total school student enrollment (200 students = 400 duck adoptions). Any school that achieves their target will receive - for every student - one coupon for a free Italian ice at Rita’s in Milford.

If you want to adopt a duck and give your Promoter and their school credit for promoting duck adoptions, be sure to fill in the PROMOTER NAME (person to get credit) and PROMOTER ORGANIZATION (school name) fields. Those fields MUST BE FILLED IN at the time of adoption, for an individual/school to have a chance at winning.

So Adopt a Duck now and help your family member or friend win!

See our Facebook page for weekly updates on the Schools Challenge standings - usually posted late Sundays.

*Note, in general adoptions are possible until race day, but adoption credits for the School Challenge MUST BE COMPLETED by June 5th! (We need time to get the prizes to the schools before the end of the school year!)