Saturday June 1
11 AM - 2 PM
Duck Drop @ 12:30pm

Memorial Bridge, Downtown Milford

Rain or Shine, We Race!

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All Proceeds Benefit:

The United Way of Milford and the Woodruff Family YMCA have joined forces to bring back he Milford Duck Race! A beloved community fundraiser for years, 2019 will be our 2nd annual event.

We look forward to giving new life to this classic Milford event. We are committed to making it something our community will love and enjoy for years to come.

A Big Thanks to our 2019 Sponsors:

How it Works:

If you have never been to the Milford Duck Race, here is how it works.

You “adopt” a duck (or several), essentially buying a raffle ticket as each rubber duck has a number corresponding to each “adoption  certificate” (raffle ticket).


Adopt a duck and WIN!!

Each raffle duck costs $5.00 and there are a total of 10,000 ducks available for purchase. With numerous prizes awarded, the odds of winning are great - especially if you adopt more than one lucky duck! 100% of the proceeds benefit The United Way of Milford and the Woodruff Family YMCA.
1 Duck: $5
5 Ducks: $25
10 Ducks: $50
20 Ducks: $100
No Maximum

$5.00 Adopt

2019 Featured Prizes: